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For pre-order prints with the unique number ‘1’, we add:

Artbook ‘Anubis. Thin Places 2’ and a catalog with a hand-drawn sketch and autograph FREE!

This meticulously published album by Timof Comics is an invitation to journey through the worlds of Joanna Karpowicz’s imagination.” Across 240 pages measuring 29 x 22 cm, you will discover both works that have adorned galleries and treasures previously unrevealed. The ‘Retro Anubis’ exhibition catalog includes an original, handwritten sketch and the artist’s autograph, making it a unique collector’s addition.

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Delight in the detail and colors on unique postcards sized 105×148 mm, which become yours:”
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When will I receive my artworks?”

We will start shipping on May 8, 2024: Our collectors and art lovers remember the great emotions that accompanied the previous print launch. Informed by experience and the immense interest these works have generated, we have prepared this time for quick order fulfillment.

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