Gift voucher – painting with 3D effect (mono/color)

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You need a unique gift, but don’t know what to choose?

The FineArtPrints gift card will be your perfect solution. Thanks to it, you will give your loved one the opportunity to commune with art: as a part of our voucher, the recipient will choose their favorite print from our gallery, which can be an introduction to the home collection or its complement. And you can be sure of a successful gift. 🙂

The voucher itself is printed in 3D lenticular technology (mono/color), under which there is a painting of one of our leading artists. Order a gift card and give an inspiring gift.

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Voucher or something more?

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. That is why we made sure that our vouchers engage the recipient from the very beginning. We put the amount of the voucher on the back of the box along with the name and surname of the person who receives the gift. The 3D image is the first to emerge from the envelope with the mono to color effect. We try to be less waste and we assume that the voucher will not go to the trash after use, if it is a valuable gadget. And ours is just like that. Looking at it from the right angle, the picture (Wojtek Brewka’s Two Swallows or Roch Urbaniak’s Concert on the Chimney) changes its color from monochrome to full-color. How does this happen? See for yourself!

Gift voucher – a gift suitable for the occasion

Romantic, business, birthday or gift as a ‘thank you’? There are so many occasions! The FineArtPrints voucher is a guarantee of a successful gift. The person you want to gift will decide which work available in our gallery is to be delivered to them.

What does the voucher consist of?

The voucher is a decorative cardboard with a 3D effect image on one side – mono to color (the image changes colors when you tilt it at the right angle). On the other side there is the amount, an individual voucher code, the name and surname of the recipient (optional) and the person who gives the gift (optional). We put the gift card in a holder made of brown eco paper.
Note! You can enter the recipient’s details on the voucher, but it is not necessary. If you choose the second option, only the amount you want to give will appear on the card.

How much can you put on the voucher?

There is no fixed amount. The range is from 200 PLN to 600 PLN.

What can a gift voucher be used for?

For all prints or sets available in the FineArtPrints store. The voucher reduces the value of the cart by the amount you gifted. This means that if the choice falls on a print outside the price range of the card, the purchase price will be reduced by the amount on the voucher and the rest can be paid normally.

The person who uses the card may exceed the amount on the voucher.


How to order the voucher?

Through our website. On the product card, there is a selection of the voucher amount and 2 fields to be filled out. One is used to enter the name and surname from whom the voucher is issued and the name and surname of the recipient. The personalization will be printed on the card.

If you leave the boxes with the name and surname empty, the data will not appear on the voucher. Note! You can order a voucher for yourself and gift it in person. But you can also send it through us and choose whether it will be an anonymous gift or signed with your name.

So if you want to send:

  • a surprise from a secret admirer,
  • silent ‘thank you’ for a favor,
  • a unique gift for Women’s Day or Valentine’s Day

then you can use this option.

A gift card is the perfect idea if…

You want to shorten the process of choosing a gift. It will work extremely well if:

  • you prepare a surprise (also anonymously),
  • you are looking for an unusual gift,
  • you like to give an option of a choice,
  • you share your love for art,
  • you want to see the smile on your friends’ faces when they unwrap the gift.

In addition, it is a fashionable trend recommended by party organisers, wedding planners and savoir-vivre specialists.

Voucher – some important information from FineArtPrints

The gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and is non-refundable. The voucher comes in an eco-friendly gift box and a bubble envelope. We send vouchers by courier, but it is also possible to collect them in person at our office at ul. Noakowskiego in Warsaw.

If you have any questions, please contact us. And if you have already chosen… click the button place order” 🙂

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Two Swallows…, Concert on the Chimney


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